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c'est la vie

Alena Demitria.


It always goes like this:

Meet someone: Oh okay,he’s cool 
Talking to them: Still cool. 
Couple days/nights later: Oh, my my he’s funny 
Week later: Woah! dude, were still talking… 
Another week later: I really like talking to him
Another week and few days later: Awwwcraapp.. there go the feelings. 
Couple days after: Okay.. now were hanging out, this doesn’t help. Because eventually, someone says something or something happens.. and the talking stops then it becomes like not a word was ever spoken. 

Totally hate this stuff. 

In short this is how I feel: 


8:28pm, 8th May 2013
tags:    #true story #talking #relatonship #relationships #meh #blah #boom #yee #idk
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